Connected Office Voice Premium. It’s collaboration unified.


Next Generation Technology

  • Cloud-based UC solution with all the features of a Fortune 500 enterprise-grade solution including IM&P, Call Recording with Analytics, CRM Integration, Call Center and IVR
  • Securely hosted in geo-redundant data center
  • End of Obsolescence with free software upgrades and a commitment to new roadmap features

Gain the Competitive Edge

  • Features and applications that enhance collaboration and improve efficiency so that you can respond quicker to your customers
  • Business continuity and survivability with emergency routing and other disaster recovery tools
  • Control rising costs with a fixed monthly expense

Unmatched Flexibility and Control

  • Intuitive and easy to use web management tools
  • Efficiency, agility and flexibility benefits that were previously afforded by enterprises onlyNever miss a call by delivering calls wherever your users work
  • Never miss a call by delivering calls wherever your users work
  • Consolidate and control all customer locations into one virtual system

Best-in-Class Installation & Support

  • Custom design and professional installation by a dedicated team of a Project Manager, Technician and Trainer
  • Fully managed IP solution with one vendor
  • 24/7/365 support staffed by technicians who know your exact configuration and system

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Connected Office Voice Premium (COVP) is a cloud-based, fully managed Unified Communications (UC) solution enables customers to improve productivity and efficiency with next-generation technology and unmatched flexibility and control, while eliminating capital expenditures and ongoing asset management. COVP has the capacity to support between 1 – 1000 users at a single location or multiple locations.

How it works

COV Premium is a fully-managed IP communications solution custom-designed for your business. The solution includes state-of-the-art routers, switches, and IP phones, as well as all the services and support needed to keep the platform running smoothly. A team of project managers, application specialists, and technicians work closely with you to ensure that the installation is seamless, and all functionalities are properly incorporated into your business operations. Optional professional on-site training is available for users and administrators during the installation process. After the installation, our team of engineers provides 24×7 technical support and works closely with your IT staff on any future upgrades or enhancements.

Next-generation technology

Installation and support

Enterprise-class features and apps

End of obsolescence

24x7x365 US Based Support

The Enterprise Network Operations Center (ENOC) functions as the nucleus of CBB’s Managed Services Group. Combining state-of-the-art monitoring tools, service management software, ITIL processes and dedicated people, the ENOC remotely monitors and supports a customer’s IT Infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their business. The ENOC is housed in a contemporary 30,000 sq/ft facility with over 100 full-time Tier I/II/III/IV Engineers, Service Delivery Managers and other Operational Support staff. This Tier I group was established to provide 24/7 support for our customers around the globe and enable their future growth.

Your business hours are no longer just 8 to 5. With the explosion of communication channels and devices, today’s customers demand your attention 24x7x365. Businesses need to connect with their customers, partners and employees at a moment’s notice. Delay in response or miscommunication can result in lost sales or poor customer service.

Transform the way your business collaborates today. It’s time to see collaboration differently.